Product & Startup Builder

About Me

I build Strategies, Products, Messages, Brands, Ecosystems, Standards and Startups.

Serial Entreprenuer. Strategic AdvisorFormer Head of Product @ Uber Developer Platform. Co-author of APML, Co-founder of the DataPortability ProjectPodcaster. Australian living in SF. Curious about everything. Drop me a line if I can be helpful.

I find patterns. I imagine new behaviors. I extrapolate abstractions. I define the primitives. I design simple, concrete solutions. I evangelize the product, process and outcomes internally and externally.

I am interested in both the form and the function. I prefer streams over pages, liberal over conservative, open over closed. I am interested in helping others succeed so that we can all work and play in shared personal and professional success.

My passions include Business, Product, Technology, The Internet, TV/Movies/Pop Culture, Politics, Philosophy and Psychology.

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