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Can we have your Attention please?

Added on by Chris Saad.
I stole this headline from Media Guerrilla but I am hoping you/they will forgive me because I want to both discuss their article and reference something we are working on right now.

The article talks about a growing 'Attention Deficit'. The idea that with a growing number of information sources that our Attention - which is actually a finite resource - will become saturated.

This is interesting to me because yesterday I was writing our 'manifesto' for Touchstone and the first word I used was 'attention'.

When we started Touchstone, Attention was just one reason I thought it might be a necessary and successful tool. Over the last couple of weeks though, the growing attention deficit problem is quickly becoming the number one reason to build/install/use a tool like Touchstone.

I really feel like we can chip away at this problem by engineering creative ways to help people focus their attention at the right time, without becoming overwhelmed.

I will post the manifesto soon for all to read. Of course it will just be a draft (beta?) - but it's something we can work on together.