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Moving Parts

Added on by Chris Saad.
Early on in this project (I guess it's still early on - but I mean even earlier than now - like in the first 'meeting') we decided that Touchstone would actually be made up of 3 categories of moving parts.

They were.

1) The Adaptors
2) The 'Core'
3) The Visualizations

This meant that 3rd parties could write Adaptors and Visualizations to add value to the app!

But recently I had to go into Photoshop and design an interface for 'The Core'. The mandate was to create something elegant and simple that would not really clash with any visualization or skin that was eventually created or used with Touchstone.

But when I sat down to start, something became quickly apparent. 'The Core' was a boring ass name :)

So... I renamed it. 'The Attention Engine'. This is, as the previous name suggested, the core of Touchstone. The adaptors feed the engine, and the engine feeds the visualizations.

I mocked it up and ran it by Ash - he says he loves it! (he's not one to lie so I believe him hah).

Here is the mock-up for anyone who might be interested!

I also designed a wallpaper today because I recently got two beautiful 19' Samsung monitors that needed some nice eye candy in the background!