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Added on by Chris Saad.
I have been talking to friends and colleagues about Touchstone and often the first question I get asked is "Oh so it's an RSS Gadget?"

And my answer is always a "Well... yes and no".

That's where it gets more complicated than people like for an 'elevator pitch'.

As we have said in previous posts Touchstone is a gadget that could and will be used to display RSS - and that is absolutely it's first useful function - but in the long run we see it as a persistent (hangs around), discreet (gets out of the way) attention manager (tells you what matters while you're being productive).

How is this different? Because the information Touchstone manages for you may not be coming from RSS - but rather form adapters that get content/alerts from local and web-based applications.

So Touchstone is absolutely useful as an RSS Gadget - but that is just the tip of our little iceberg.