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What's in a name?

Added on by Chris Saad.
Today we sat down and reviewed the entire Touchstone architecture. We had done this before, and the result of our review was simply to clarify some points, crystallize some others and make sure we were both on the same page.

Basic things like the system will be event driven so that a change at the source will invoke a change in the UI as quickly as possible. XML will be used at all end-points and will be transformed into memory data structures internally for speed and efficiency.

It was all very interesting - the result was a pretty Viso diagram we can stick on our wall.

One major thing that did result from the discussion was our new component names. I will give you some examples:
  1. The Bag it and Tag it Parser
  2. The How Important is it Parser
  3. Make the UI do Something Parser
According to Ashley we must now stick to these naming conventions (apparently I was the one that set the rule about naming conventions being of the utmost importance).

When I mentioned that I thought it might be a bit cumbersome to refer to various parts of the system by these names, Ash said I may refer to them as whatever I want when he's not around - as long as it's not on the blog, or in the public domain, or with people.

So I guess... He's really bossy.