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I have a problem...

Added on by Chris Saad.
They say this is the first step to being healed - to acknowledge and accept your problem.

According to Chris Sacca's "At the end of the day..." post on his blog - I have a dependency on metaphorical crutches.

Ashley hates it - I can't live without it - what can I do? Help me dear friends.

*Goes looking for the 12 step program*

On a more serious note, as of yesterday, Touchstone now has the ability for basic rebranding. The whole ticker can now have its graphical elements replaced with someone else's. Why? So that publishers can use it as their own news dashboard!

We have also done further work on optimizing what is now called 'Items in transit' and building in an item buffer in the visualization engine that allows each widget (the ticker for example) to store and manage its "current items".

Soon this powerful collection system will be used for alerts and other widgets to keep track of what's what for the user in more intelligent and intuitive ways.

Oh - we have also given our default visualization a name - "Ariel". This is a homage to Joss Whedon's "Firefly". It's the name of a 'core planet' that's all Shiny and new. The fact that it is under strict control by the Malevolent Alliance is beside the point.