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Merry Chrismukkah and Happy new year!

Added on by Chris Saad.
Good morning everyone! We're back on deck after a couple of days break for Christmas. I am sure we will loose a few more days over New Years but that's another story.

Looking forward to 2006 it looks like 'Citizen Journalism' or 'Participant Created Media' are going to explode. My personal hope is that time-shifted media becomes a reality beyond BitTorrent and amature content (and beyond iPOD/Tivo). Not so much so I can begin paying for TV, but rather so that better TV gets made (my theory is when fan audiences pay for good content, Fox can't/wont cancel shows like Firefly).

In the web space this all means lots more RSS, and lots more clamoring for our Attention. That's ok - because very shortly the world will have Touchstone (hah)!

Here is a little post that talks about the actual business side of things (as apposed to my rant about saving my favorite TV shows).