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Touchstone v1 Private Alpha Release 2 is here!

Added on by Chris Saad.
It's been a great night. We are now at the second release of the Private Alpha - taking into account all the feedback we have recieved to date.

According to Trac - all our tickets are closed for this milestone. Look for yourself.

Here is the email going out to our Private Alpha testers (remember if you want to be included, please email us).

Good evening everyone. The Touchstone Private Alpha (second release) is here. I would like to invite you all to find out more about it at the download page.

[Secret URL Here]

You have received this information because you are friends, trusted colleagues or enquiring minds who have contacted us for a copy of the Private Alpha. We appreciate your support and look forward to your feedback! If you would like to stop receiving updates about Touchstone, just let us know!

Just to refresh your memory:

Touchstone is a gadget that persists on your desktop displaying news and information that you subscribe to. Initially this will be based on RSS and eventually could include all types of alerts/information from various programs.

In this current release, Touchstone looks like a news ticker (like the one you see at the bottom of news shows/stations on TV). Eventually there will be additional ‘visualizations’ such as a ‘sidebar’ version, various ‘alerts’ that popup when important changes occur etc.

You can find out more at the website linked above.


Chris Saad & Ashley Angell
Touchstone: What would you like to know today?