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What is Web 2.0?

Added on by Chris Saad.
It's no secret to anyone who knows me that I love 37signals.

I read their blog - Signal Vs. Noise - religiously and most of it is blogworthy. I don't blog it all because:

a) some of it is off-topic and
b) we would have to rename this blog to 'the Signal Vs. Noise Echo Chamber'.

But I found a neat little post that embodies their humor and good nature while also linking to/discussing an Adaptive Path article that, I think, is one of the best examinations of 'Web 2.0'.

In their post, they make fun of the article because it uses lots of big business type words, but those who know me also know that I tend to use those words too.

The fact is, this article deals with the actual phenomena/psychology/technology categories of Web 2.0 - not the little technical details that make up the 'unwritten rules' about what a Web 2.0 app should feature.

So congrats to 37signals for continuing their wonderful blog with wonderful humor and great work by Brandon Schauer at Adaptive Path for writing a great article with a very pretty diagram (I love their design sensibilities too).

That's a lot of love - but you all get the picture.