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Auto Update?

Added on by Chris Saad.
Recently we have been toying with the idea of building in Auto-update into Touchstone. Along with 'Anon Usage Stats' these two features have given us some concern as to possible miss-trust of our intentions.

This little note at 'Abandon the web' which links to Tim Bray's post about his IM software eases my mind a little about the Auto-update feature at the very least. Here is the quote they used.

Tim Bray: "There are two kinds of software: the kind that offers to update itself when appropriate, and the kind that's broken." Ideally, once users select a trade-off between features and code maturity (the range is from "bleeding edge beta" to "proven and stable"), the software is then updated automatically. An option to easily revert to a previous version should be provided if feasible.