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Bloggers Lie!

Added on by Chris Saad.
With the work we're doing on Touchstone, we're assuming that the content that people want to read will have a level of integrity and relevance that will increase the very quality of our lives. Information that helps us connect to each other, understand and respect our differences and grow as a civilization.

But this shocking report reveals that most bloggers lie! They LIE!

It has dampened my faith in the human race.

In other news, I recently stopped running Touchstone because our experimental build was so experimental it didn't run. I usually only ever run the experimental build so when that stopped working, my Touchstone experience was put on hold. Recently I decided that I could go on no longer and ran the more stable Private Alpha 5 release. I can't believe how much I missed my ongoing Touchstone dosage. It's like I am back in touch with the world. Thank you Touchstone... thank you for saving Christmas.

[end of silliness]