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Welcome to the Voice of Reason

Added on by Chris Saad.
Looking back at the blog for the last couple of days, I just realized that one might assume that the post 'Why do we bother to maintain a blog?' followed by probably our longest posting absence ever (only a few days mind you!) was probably not a good idea!

So the first thing I'd like to say is we are definitely still here! We have just been working hard on implementing all the great feedback we have gotten from our rapidly growing testing team. Thanks guys (and girls of course).

Now that that’s out of the way - It is my pleasure to announce something new!

If you have followed our blog from the beginning you will have noticed us mention someone called 'Mike'. Well this Mike fellow is a pretty big legend when it comes to programming. So we asked him to come onboard and help us out full time! And he said... YES!

So I would like to welcome Mike to our team - he has blog posting rights so you might see him around the traps.

Welcome Mike - I look forward to building the first ever Attention Management Engine with you!

Update: I should say what Michael's main role will be. Ash and I often attack problems from totally opposite ends of the spectrum (my end is always right of course - but I like to let him think he has some good ideas heh).

Mike, on the other hand, has this wonderful balanced approach that takes in both our input and comes up with a great synthesis. Something Ash and I always do anyway - but Mike seems to helps facilitate an even quicker and more fruitful conclusion. So in addition to cutting code, I think his calm and measured 'voice of reason' will help us make even better decisions when it comes to implementation and feature choices.