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Why do we bother to maintain a blog?

Added on by Chris Saad.
Sometimes I wonder - why we bother maintaining a blog when Alex Barnett does such a good job of cataloging Attention related content for us. Half the time I get the impulse to just re-post his posts but then I'd feel dirty for stealing so much of his hard work.

That being said - this one definitely deserves a re-post on our humble little blog. And in general, if you're reading this blog, go subscribe to Alex's as well... because... he rules (I know that's a very high-school explanation but you get the idea).

Alex has posted some musings from across the web about Attention Engines. As you can see from that last link - we have our own very specific idea of what such an engine is, because we actually call Touchstone an 'Attention Engine'. But I am sure we can't lay claim to owning the term - for now *rubs hands together with evil posture*.