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Announcing the new Touchstone website

Added on by Chris Saad.
In the lead up to the latest build of Touchstone, we launched a new Touchstone website today.

This site has a stronger focus on the developer and technology community as our partners in creating the definitive Attention Management Platform.

I particularly like this paragraph from our new Manifesto:

With Touchstone, you can control and filter the flow of alerts from your company CRM application, the latest news from your favorite blogs and the progress of your downloads in one interface - an interface that could eventually follow you from device to device.

In the new manifesto we have taken some specific stances about what Attention, Attention Data and Attention Management is. Some might not agree, but we are up for the debate!

Soon, our blog template will also change to conform to the new design.

I look forward to hearing feedback on our ideas and the new site.