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Are you ready for Attention Ambience?

Added on by Chris Saad.
What a great phrase and a great idea - Attention Ambience. I guess you could say that Touchstone creates ‘Attention Ambience’.

In their article, Lee does a wonderful job of describing the Enterprise landscape and the way in which staff are experiencing their own of Attention Deficit.

The problem, Lee declares, is that they don't need LESS information, but rather MORE information and better tools for classifying and filtering content.

I don't necessarily agree with the specific way he words it – that they need MORE information – I would rather referring to it as more context and granularity alongside better tools for filtering based on those properties.

In any case I feel like the sentiment is the same.

I particularly like this paragraph (because I think email, as a subscribed information delivery mechanism, should die).

Finally, and most importantly, free people from e-mail enslavement. Allow them to choose their own information inputs and sources to support their work, but let go of the need to process and react to everything that comes their way in favor of immersion in a flow of information and social contact. Within a framework of agreed objectives and targets, let people find their own way to achieve them. One of the key lessons of social knowledge sharing using blogs and RSS is that other people act as your filter and information you need tends to find its way to you, somehow.

I would also add that current feed readers use a very 'email' centric metaphor. The idea of 'items to read' and 'marking as read; etc. So with this in mind, I feel that current feed readers are too much like email to provide an alternate/effective solution (on their own).

Check out the whole article at Headshift.