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Touchstone Ouput Adapter - myBroadSheet

Added on by Chris Saad.
John from Library Clips and I have been emailing back and forward about our idea of 'news as a newspaper'.

It was a project that I have wanted to start for a while. The idea being that RSS news could be presented less like email (as feed readers do) and more like a print newspaper.

I have had the domain myBroadSheet (.com, .net and .org) registered for a while, but I had hidden the site away ready for the day when I had a flash animator to help me create the first broadsheet.

Then John posted on his blog about an idea that almost exactly resembled the project I was trying to start!

We got to talking and he has kindly linked to the staging site and put the word out to find a flash animator for us.

Powered by Touchstone, we could easily create an enriched XML file that had enough information (article importance, related images, items from multiple feeds etc) that a flash file would consume and present to the screen in a way that resembles a good old fashioned newspaper.

I saw it as a way to give a niche news experience (the experience that RSS makes possible) in a metaphor that made RSS more user friendly.

So let us know if you want to help out and you have 'l337 flash skilz'.