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Touchstone Aquired by Google

Added on by Chris Saad.
We would like to announce that we have been acquired by Google for an undisclosed sum. Larry and Sergey have promised that they will keep our original vision intact, except that they will now only support a proprietary RSS-derived format designed by Google (GSS).

This deal will allow us to tap into Google's secret network of spies and assassins to ensure that we can gather intelligence on your interests, and punish kill people who waste your attention.

The people at Google assure us that RSS will soon become redundant as GSS will take over the world with its search powered, keyword filtered, mapping based content distribution.

We are off to the Bahamas for some much needed rest.

Happy April 1st.

By the way, Scoble is moving to Google as well so maybe we will get to meet him over a free lunch. Maybe Alex will wise up and join us.