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A few semi-unrelated industry posts

Added on by Chris Saad.
Why couldn't google do it? Is a question we have tried to answer in previous posts. While reading Alex Barnett I came across a book that speaks to the issue of small startups vs. big business when it comes to innovation. It is about how big business can often miss opportunity and innovation due to momentum and focus on other things. It's called the 'Innovators Dilemma'. Of course - they also have more surface area and resources and a better chance of catching up quickly ;).

Technology flowing up stream.
This is an interesting post via AVC that discusses how technology is being adopted by users first, and then propagated to the enterprise - instead of vice versa. This was relevant for me because in discussions with some people they asked me about our 'enterprise strategy'.

My answer was that, like Google, Touchstone would probably find it's way into the enterprise not by top-down mandated technologies policies from the IT department, but rather by people finding it useful at home and bringing it into the workplace.