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New media attention

Added on by Chris Saad.
I just discovered, via AVC, an amazing post about hyperefficiently allocating attention in the new media landscape. But this wasn't a technological or theoretical discussion like most of the 'Attention' posts out there - it was an analysis about what will constitute the new new media giants of tomorrow. You guessed it - Attention.

A quote:

Consider MySpace. MySpace's success is driven by it's proprietary music and now video player - the deepest social widget in the new media world. It is what lets fans connect to bands they might love - it is what allocates their attention hyperefficiently (more efficiently than Top 40 charts, corporatized radio robo-DJs, or even next-gen corporobots, like Pitchfork Media).

Read the rest Research Note: Discovering the Wrong Future - Denuo Mini Case Study

It's amazingly insightful. I wonder if Umair would consider Touchstone as generic plumbing (taboo in his scenario) or as an extension of hyperefficiently allocating attention?