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10,715 - The Attention Deficit Problem

Added on by Chris Saad.
Recently there was a meme that went around the blog-o-sphere that involved the number 53,651. That's the number of TechCrunch subscribers (at that time) and the perceived size of the early adopter web 2.0 community.

I'd like to start a new number related meme (Although I don't quite have the same pull as TechCrunch maybe? hah).


That's how many unread feed items I have right now in FeedDemon. I have to go through all these items, read/skim them and mark the feeds as read. But the problem is when I get to the end, I will just have to start again. I think Ten Thousand Seven Hundred and Fifteen should represent the exact number of the Attention Deficit Problem.

Feeds are not email - and trying to keep track of them like email is just becoming unmanageable.