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Outlook 2007 Spam Filtering is too good

Added on by Chris Saad.
Recently I have upgraded to the beta of Office 2007. It's a great suite of products.

But something is really bugging me about the new Outlook. It's spam detection is way too good.

How can something be too good?

Well... I am used to receiving a bunch of spam each day. Some of it goes into spam, and some of it ends up in my inbox and I have to delete it manually. But in both cases it used to appear in my inbox for a few seconds and then get re-filed into the spam folder.

Now, with the new Outlook, I get almost NO email in my inbox that is spam, and it is routed to the Junk folder without appearing in my main mailbox for a few seconds.

This is stressing me out because I feel like, even though I have '20 new emails' I get nothing new in my mailbox! I don't even get a sense of whether or not the mail being junked is important or not.

I am so used to expecting spam, that it makes me uncomfortable that I can't see it. It's as if the spam was part of the experience and it somehow assured me that my pop accounts were working.

I find myself constantly checking the spam folder just to reassure myself that email is actually coming in.

Am I crazy?

Thank heavens for RSS.