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Why I love Scoble

Added on by Chris Saad.
Yes we all know Robert Scoble is leaving Microsoft (well if you didn't then you live under a rock).

This post isn't really a comment on his leaving though, so much as why he matters at all.

He matters because he changed the face of Microsoft from the inside out. He spoke in a natural and neutral voice while having the inside scoop on the company's activities. He has an infectious laugh that disarms his subjects and shows his enthusiasm for the subject matter. His brutal honesty about the deficiencies of the company he works for and honest credit to their competitors is refreshing and only serves to make us believe (and rightly so) that his opinions are honest and heartfelt.

What does all that mean? He calls it how it is. And in a world where the media is spinning lies and failing to provide historic context to the news, Scoble exemplifies the most important aspect of the blog-o-sphere. Real stories told by real people who are living the news.

The most recent example was a post where he called out his new employer on their deficiencies and linked to their competitor! And he hasn't even started working there yet! With the level of traffic his blog is getting right now, I imagine their traffic went through the roof.

Well done Robert - I will be following your work no matter where you choose to blog from.