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Feeling the Crunch

Added on by Chris Saad.
One of the nice things about getting 'TechCrunched' is the resulting feedback from fellow information junkies and software enthusiasts who understand and appreciate the work you're doing.

So I thought I would share some of the best public comments made so far - there have been many more private emails but I don't want to quote them without permission.

First from Marshall from Techcrunch itself - his review was very generous and his enthusiasm for what we are doing was greatly appreciated (of course can't forget Ouriel who brought it to Marshall's attention!).

"I love RSS, I love IM and I love the concept of Attention Data. Wrap it all up together and put a just-in-time bow on top and what do you get? The Touchstone Attention Management Engine. I love it."

Next is Michael Mahemoff on his blog:

"Props to the Touchstone team for receiving funding, getting a glowing TechCrunch reception and generally heading in a positive direction... this is exactly the kind of situation where it makes sense to inject funds and build something big... There’s no standard like Growl on Windows, and Touchstone has every chance of becoming that standard - it would allow Growlish behavior and a whole lot more."

Some comments on the TechCrunch article itself.

From Tygh

"I have been lucky enough to get a sneak peek at Touchstone (gotta love the invite system!!) and so far it is unreal!! I subscribe to a heap of RSS feeds from various locations, and find it effective in terms of only notifying me of what I want!! I can’t wait to see what they do next (and I hear there is heaps more in the pipeline too)."

From SuperHelix

"If the Touchstone application is truly a “thinking” system with built-in AI and can create its own content filters based on observing keystrokes/site visits/tagging/email content/RSS feeds/preferences/etc., it addresses a legitimate need in the market to manage information overload. I could even see my folks getting excited about that, which = scalability"

Of course there were some questions about the viability of alerts for full-fledged RSS consumption etc but I think most people have understood the idea that Touchstone is a companion (not a replacement) to your feed reader and other full-screen applications. It's for those times that you're being productive - but you still want to stay informed.

Thanks to all those who have commented publicly and privately so far, and thanks to those who have signed up to our mailing list or registered as Adapter Developers (look forward to giving away that XBOX) - Will be interesting to see what comes next!