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Email sucks - False Positives

Added on by Chris Saad.
As many of you will know I had a little problem with Outlook 2007's spam filtering a little while back. It was too good in terms of keeping the spam out of my mailbox. It left me feeling out of touch with the passing of time - sort of like how you can tolerate high speeds in an elevator because you can't see outside. Does that make any sense?

But now I am going to say that Outlook 2007's spam filter is crap. Why? Well for a couple reasons.

1. It junks our invites for Touchstone. Ok maybe that might be excused. Maybe their poorly designed and maybe they are generated by a machine and hold some markers that attest to that fact but...

2. Since our recent TechCrunch review, my mailbox has been overflowing (more than usual) with real emails from real people with real opportunities or things to say to me. The problem though, is that more than a few of them have ended up in my Junk Email folder placed there by Outlook 2007's spam detection (btw if I have not responded to your email then please try again - it might have been spam filtered)!

Now sure, maybe I can put the sensitivity level down, but at the end of the day - when do we say that a system has failed? At what noise/signal ratio should we all decide to change technologies?

These days I ask most people to add me to Skype so that I can have less noise, more conversation and a better understanding of their timezone (sucks being in the southern hemisphere sometimes).

So can we declare email broken yet? Please?