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Apathy and Ignorance

Added on by Chris Saad.
Are you paying attention? That's our slogan here at Touchstone. And in today's post I thought I would share a little history behind its meaning.

There are a couple of subtle layers represented by that slogan - particularly for Ashley and I.

First, Touchstone started as our little side-project for us and when we decided on the slogan we were wondering if anyone was paying attention to our work. So the slogan represented our question to the community. It was a sort of inside joke.

Second, and most obviously, Touchstone is about Attention Management. So the slogan, I think, asks a very simple, yet very profound question. Are you paying attention. Who is you? It's the student who may have some homework to complete, or the Mom who needs to know about a new type of medicine for her family or the Executive who needs to keep an eye on industry and competitor information so that he can make the right decisions. It's all of us who would love to stay informed, but just don't know where to start.

Third, it reflects a broader question that has plagued Ashley and I for a while now. What makes people pay attention? What makes them stand up and take notice. How can (careful this might get a bit deep for a humble blog post) humanity make sure it's paying attention to what matters. To things that directly affect us but may not be immediately apparent. How can we fight against apathy and ignorance. How can people become more informed in a way that seems painless and even pleasurable.

The reason I bring up the slogan now is because I have another agenda. My agenda is a little off-topic but through my clever literary skills I have tied it back to Touchstone to justify my posting it here (got ya!).

You must go see "The Inconvenient Truth".

If it's still on a cinema anywhere near you (I know in my city for example, it is not on all screens and I had to drive out of my way to see it) then go pay some money and go see it. Don't download it, don't wait for the DVD and don't let people tell you it's just a lecture.

Vote with your wallet and check it out. Fight against apathy and ignorance and bring all your friends.

Its message is more urgent than terrorism and more catastrophic than potential nuclear war. It gives new meaning to "Mutual Assured Destruction".