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Missing the point on TalkCrunch

Added on by Chris Saad.

I'm listening to the latest TalkCrunch episode and something is driving me crazy.

First they're talking about information overload becoming a massive problem - if only there was a way to keep track of personally relevant content.

Second, they are talking about widgets becoming a popular phenomenon except for:

  1. No way to monetize users for the widget makers
  2. The OSX Dashboard is not persistent enough and therefore a little annoying
  3. Vista uptake will be slow so their sidebar is not very useful yet
  4. Widgets can crowd the desktop

Well... Touchstone solves these 4 problems.

  1. Input and Output adapter makers can monetize their adapters by distributing Touchstone and sharing revenue with us (we have not mentioned this yet - but stay tuned).
  2. Touchstone is cleverly designed because it is always on and always on your screen, but it measures its disruptions. The more important the news the more 'present' it is on the desktop.
  3. Touchstone runs on Windows right now - no Vista needed
  4. Refer to point 2.

Third, they are also talking about Digg and how it might kill off 'at least the smaller papers'. Michael missed the point that Digg is about what's popular - not about what's local or personally relevant. Google news or Digg do not replace your local/small newspaper because the local newspaper is about local news! What's needed for that is a Personal Relevance Engine.

Also Robert just asked for Touchstone - he wants to be able to subscribe to many sources and be alerted when something personally relevant is going on! Robert I'm a big fan - consider me jumping up and down waving my arms trying to get your attention and love :)