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Touchstone in the Australian Financial Review

Added on by Chris Saad.

Touchstone was mentioned in today's edition of the Australian Financial Review. A big thanks must go out to Mark Jones for his eloquent explanation of what we do.

We've spent 6 months trying to find ways to boil it down into a simple explanation and he did it in a few days - genius!

This is a great quote:

"Touchstone reduces rivers of information to a trickle"

and this...

"Co-founder Chris Saad described Touchstone as 'an attention management engine' for busy people who deal with a constant stream of incoming information.

They are working in Word trying to produce a document and want to get a heads-up display of their life"
or this...

"... The software is one of the first tangible results of a movement that has been brewing in Silicon Valley circles for the past few years."