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What's on the horizon for IT Departments?

Added on by Chris Saad.
Mike Gotta posts another great article about the use of various presentation styles in order to deliver information in proportion to its importance and relevance to the user.

Having spoken to Mike before, I know he's a smart guy - and he is making great strides in explaining attention management to enterprises.

While Touchstone is not strictly targeted at the Enterprise, it seems that, like Google, individuals in the enterprise may decide to adopt it in their workplace anyway.

A Matter of Attention & Focus

Here's a quote:

Activities in the forefront zone have the highest focus for users. This means that users' attention is also at its highest level and they spend the most time monitoring changes in those activities. At the other extreme are horizon items. These have the lowest level of focus, the least level of attention and the least amount of time checking for new information and communication channels