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Tripping: Pre-Trip Prep

Added on by Chris Saad.
Housekeeping note: I will prefix all posts to do with our San Fran trip 'Tripping' so that those who are only interested in Touchstone or Attention related things can skip them.

Now on with the post...

Before you spend lots of money to visit a country you have never been to, to meet people you have only read about or chatted to it's important to do some ground work. Paperwork (E.g. Get your passport), Technology (E.g. How can I keep reading my feeds and getting my email) Geography (E.g. Where exactly is the Bay Area?) and social (E.g. Who are you and where will you be).

As part of the process I seem to be getting a better understanding of the layout of San Fran and Silicon Valley than I do of my own City.

I look forward to actually meeting some of people I have come to know over the last year but never actually met. People who have inspired and motivated us to do the things we're doing. They probably don't even know the effect they've had.

I have also been getting to know fantastic new people like Tara and Chris.

Now all we need is a place to stay!

All of this is happening while the latest build for Touchstone is coming together so well that I am starting to think that there is very little to do before we can go Beta... but let's not get ahead of ourselves.