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Can you say... BlackBerry?

Added on by Chris Saad.
My great friend Marjolein of CleverClogs tipped me to this piece from the Wall Street Journal:

As hand-held email devices proliferate, they are having an unexpected impact on family dynamics: Parents and their children are swapping roles. Like a bunch of
teenagers, some parents are routinely lying to their kids, sneaking around the house to covertly check their emails and disobeying house rules established to minimize compulsive typing.
It goes on to say...

Emma, 14, also identifies with adults who wish their kids spent less time playing videogames. "At my student orientation for high school, my mom was playing solitaire," she says. "She has a bad attention span." Her mother, Barbara Chang, the chief executive of a nonprofit group, says, "It's become this crutch."

Sometimes it's best just to turn your distractions off. With Touchstone, you can go into 'Away' mode and it will suppress all alerts until you get back. One of the advantages of routing all your alerts through one alert management system!