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How relevant is relevant?

Added on by Chris Saad.
Chris Anderson has a great post called 'The vanishing Point Theory of News'. He posts a great little musing about the relativity of relevance.

"For instance, the news that my daughter got a scraped knee on the playground today means more to me than a car bombing in Kandahar. [...] Am I proud of this? No. But it's true."

He goes on to say:

"There's nothing new about this (it's a truism of the American newsroom that Paris, Texas counts for more than Paris, France), but it bears repeating. The future of media is to stop boring us with news that doesn't relate to our lives. I'll start reading my "local" newspaper again when it covers my block."

I often tell people (in regard to Touchstone) "Put in the name of your kid's school and your favorite golf course" - how much more local can you get.

We can't work out if your daughter got a scraped knee unfortunately - unless the school blogs about it maybe.