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Mike Arrington is wrong, but not about Facebook

Added on by Chris Saad.

On the latest Gillmor Gang we debated the evolving Data Portability landscape. Let me try to summarize the positions:

Marc Canter: At least the big social networks are doing something - and Facebook seems to give the user most privacy control.

Robert Scoble: When I give you my email address (or friend you) I have to assume that you are going to do whatever you want with it - including import it into other apps.

Michael Arrington: Facebook is behaving like old Microsoft and Marc Canter and DataPortability should demand better.

Me: Users need an additional check box when friending each other - 'You may move my data to other applications'. The big vendors are trying to keep control for as long as possible - that's to be expected. Startups, second tier social networks, non 'social networking' sites will ultimately implement first, and the big vendors will compete themselves towards open.

Over on Techcrunch Arrington claims:

"DataPortability founder Chris Saad was also on the call, but failed to take a leadership position in the debate (he did, however, weigh in with a blog post on the subject before the call). Their influence may be waning."

Mike, don't confuse and conflate a thoughtful position and long-term view as 'not taking a stand'.