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With Waze, Google has all the pieces to win the next cycle.

Added on by Chris Saad.

Google is close to ending the speculation and buying Waze for $1.3 billion, according to Israeli media.

If Google buys Waze it's got nothing to do with either. It's about blocking Facebook and Apple from finishing their suite.

Only Google has all the key assets in place to dominate the next cycle. The Mobile OS (Android), The Productivity Apps (Gmail, Drive, Maps, Docs), Next gen interfaces (Google Now, Google Voice Actions), Content (Google Play), PaaS (Google AppEngine and other Cloud Services) and G+ as an emerging social layer. Even Google Glass is playing a role by reinvigorating the brand as an innovator and a haven for geek fantasy and invention.

Before Larry Page took the reins as CEO and G+ launched, Google was a confused mess with little hope to regain ground against Facebook and Apple.

Since Larry's return and a series of clear and crisp moves, though, it's been obvious there is now a great vision, strategic product consolidation and effective execution. It's exciting to watch.

In a time where Facebook has been derailed by a botched IPO and lackluster monetization efforts and Apple has been slowed by a collapsing reality distortion field, Google is coalescing its products into a thoughtful tapestry. It's not perfect but it's heading in the right direction.

Of all the tech giants, Google is the one that most resonates with me philosophically and architecturally - I'm excited to see what happens next.