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Long term, personalized value in the news business

Added on by Chris Saad.

Just a quick thought...

Media companies are so focused on "going where the audience is" that they forget how to serve those audiences, cultivate them, inform them and build trust with them over the long term with a web and mobile product that serves the needs of the news consumer.

They say that Facebook and Twitter have "made the home page irrelevant" - while that's true, in actuality they've dived head first into that irrelevancy by missing opportunity after opportunity for true personalization and next-gen UI/UX metaphors.

News feed, social, real-time, follow, notify, citizen journalism, reputation, journalist participation - even something as basic as comments - still no where to be seen in any major outlet.

The latest example is a CNN redesign that is functionally exactly the same as it's been for decades while at the same time they invest in gimmicks over on Snapchat.

It takes two to facilitate disruption. The disruptor to innovate and the disrupted to wallow in inaction.