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Added on by Chris Saad.

Today I'm searching for new opportunities.

Over the last 5 years at Echo I’ve lead product for the team who built the Echo Real-time Developer Platform from 0 to 85 Billion API calls a month, some 30+ shrink-wrapped consumer social products and the super slick drag-n-drop Echo Experience Studio with 100+ customer deployments.

We’ve powered amazing brands like Salesforce, AWS, WWE, ESPN, NASDAQ, USA Networks, Washington Post, Coke, Fanta, AT&T, Scripps Networks, Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga and many, many more.

It’s been an amazing journey with a passionate and dedicated team - I’m grateful and humbled to have had their trust and hard work. 

At each stage I’ve had the chance to mature my skills in all aspects of the product and startup lifecycle including rapid prototyping, agile/lean development, branding and marketing, growing teams/cultures, scale and security, developer platforms and ecosystems, B2B product/sales/support, and beautiful, easy-to-use B2C experiences (some lessons learned:

Today I’m announcing that my time at Echo is coming to a close. It’s time for me to look for new horizons!

I don’t yet have a specific project or company I’ll be doing next. But I know some of the characteristics I’ll be looking for...

  1. Smart, passionate and hungry people
  2. A product making (or having the potential to make) a big impact
  3. An opportunity for me to work my ass off to help the venture succeed

So if you’re working on something great and need help with…

  • Business and product strategy
  • Product management
  • UI/UX
  • Developer platforms/APIs
  • Developer ecosystems and App marketplaces
  • Open standards (adopting, creating, influencing)
  • Modern UI metaphors (Cards, activity streams)
  • Future of media
  • Working with brands

Then I want to hear what you’re working on and how I can help!

Drop me a line

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