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Thoughts On Uber's involvement with the Trump Advisory Council

Added on by Chris Saad.

Context: Uber C.E.O. to Leave Trump Advisory Council After Criticism

This whole thing sucked...

1. The truth was totally distorted and lost in a false media narrative (Uber didn't lower surge to break the Strike, Travis/Uber do not support Trump)

2. It revealed the dark underbelly of liberal rage (lack of nuance, black and white thinking)

3. We lost the ability to have a strong, liberal, rational voice near Trump (Travis takes no shit. Better than only having Bannon and other sycophants hanging around)

4. We rewarded a company (Uber's competition) for playing PR games with a serious situation (not to mention their board member - Peter Theil - *actually* supports Trump)

5. We diverted attention from real injustices and scary behavior by the administration (like putting Bannon on the Security council)

6. We missed an opportunity to focus this kind of wrath on real issues to affect meaningful change

I agree with Devin

"Well, change sure is a complicated thing. Change was effected here at Uber in the past week.

The question is: does this choice by Travis help or hurt the country's chances at changing the policies that Trump's administration has already laid out? I'm not sure - I still believe that taking a seat at the table is better than pounding on the window outside (though of course that's not true if the people at the table won't listen).

This action sends a strong message about the power that we the people have -- I do hope it leads to more (and more accurate) grassroots movements in the days ahead.

As a nation we are raw right now. Raw is dangerous. Raw is impulsive. But raw is also super powerful. When we point a hose of anger and action at something, it moves. I hope we as a nation figure out how to use the tool most effectively."

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