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Media narratives in the Uber/Waymo lawsuit

Added on by Chris Saad.

Context: Uber Robocar Engineer Ordered Walled Off in Waymo Secrets Fight

Really quite revealing how the media pick and choose their narratives.

According to the post linked above, the newly unsealed ruling on the Waymo/Uber case was all bad news for Uber...

1. Levandowski was ordered to remain quarantined from the company’s work on lidar laser technology

2. U.S. judge finds strong evidence Levandowski took Waymo files

Of course, they didn't include the good news too..

Specifically, the court also...

1. Rejected Waymo’s attempt to prevent Uber from fairly competing in the autonomous vehicle market.

2. Stated that Waymo’s patent infringement claims are “meritless” and;

3. Noted, with regard to trade secrets, that Waymo has “overreached, in attempting to claim ownership over general principles and approaches in the field.”

Honestly, this isn't really about the Uber case for me. It's about understanding just how dangerously optimized for sensationalism and narrative inertia our media diet is in the US. Makes me question everything.

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