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Life gamification

Added on by Chris Saad.

App idea:

Life can be modeled like a video game with various numbers acting as inputs to your overall score.

Years studying, Your GPA, bank balance, credit score, something equivalent to your Klout, steps taken, Miles run, years worked, age, kids, etc. etc.

Some apps like Gyroscope aggregate already a lot of this data in one place.

But it would be really cool to add a layer of gamification to the whole thing. It might help kids who derive great motivation from the immediate feedback loop of a game engine, and be a fun casual game for adults. Who knows it might even help focus the energies of those who feel a little lost.

Levels, power ups, skills earned etc. Extra points for velocity. All in one place. A common language by which the kids (and adults) can compete with each other.

The key will be to use the instant gratification techniques of gaming like real time, regular feedback when earning points and leveling up. Also a leaderboard.

No idea what the business model would be though. Might need to be a Wikipedia style project.

Originally posted on Facebook