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A candid interview with Travis Kalanick

Added on by Chris Saad.

To quote Jay Brendon Bobzin

"Meet Travis Kalanick, my CEO.

In a wonderful twist, today I get to share a talk by the man I really follow. Not the bold, billionaire tech CEO, but the deeply principled, thoughtful and compassionate leader that has inspired thousands, myself included, to explore the full potential of unleashing transportation as affordable and reliable as running water to all corners of this world.

We've had a hard year, stacked on top of the hard year I've shared with the rest of you, and it has certainly challenged my optimism at many points. But the work I am doing at Uber remains a source of deep pride for me, and this video demonstrates one of the big reasons why.

Feel free to fast forward to 13:00 for the headline, when Travis realizes that he is not actually addressing an internal employee group, but an external developer conference.

But if you want to see past the headlines, watch the whole 13 minutes, and the 50 minutes past that, to get a rare perspective on the man who leads one of the most influential and controversial companies of our time, and decide for yourself how crazy I am for following him."