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Tag, You're It - 5 things you didn't know about me

Added on by Chris Saad.

I've been tagged by Jeff Pulver's Tag game! I have a feeling this is some sort of sick game that Jeff is playing on us and we are all his pawns.

That's ok with me I guess, I'm a fan of his work! Thanks for including me Daniela.

Ok here it goes...

  1. I am truly a TV/Media Junkie/Addict. I watch about 20 different TV shows on a regular basis. It is my vice. From the The Family Guy to Battlestar Gallactica. My favorite show of all time is The West Wing.
  2. I used to be a radio presenter and could have easily ended up doing it full time. It turned out the technology was more interesting to me than the presenting part. The show was actually about IT though, so I was never far from home. Podcasting has been calling me for a while now - but I'm still holding out.
  3. I don't have any pets (I think I am too selfish to keep something else alive right now) but I do have a younger brother who is a whole decade younger than me if that counts. No siblings in between; big gap!
  4. I was on local TV at age 10 espousing the value of the Internet as an important emerging phenomena (I didn't use quite those words back then). How wrong I was hah.
  5. I have never worked for someone else (in the strictest sense). I have always been in a contractor, owner, director or CEO. I like to feel like I have ownership over the direction of stuff I'm involved with.

Leave some comments to tell me stuff about you guys - time to delurk! You know you want to.

Passing it on... Tag to:

Ben Metcalfe
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Update: Shout out to Marianne and John for also tagging me.