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MeeVee is collecting your Attention Data

Added on by Chris Saad.
It seems like Attention Data is becoming more and more pervasive. Now MeeVee is asking users to specify their interests so that it can find videos for you.

According to VentureBeat:

"So far, MeeVee has let you create a calendar showing you whenever say, performer Jay-Z appears on a TV show. Today, MeeVee has unveiled a way to track Jay-Z related videos, too. You simply hit the “add interest” button, scroll down to the bottom, and add a keyword “Jay-Z.” MeeVee then surfs the Web and returns the most recent and relevant videos tagged with Jay-Z. You can then click on the videos and watch. See screen shots below for the Jay-Z example. A tab at MeeVee lets you toggle between TV programming and video."
It seems like MeeVee is becoming a great interface to manage and view your Media 2.0 video!

The question is, though, will MeeVee let you take that investment in it's service and allow you to export it for use in other services.

If you think signing up to multiple services is hard, imagine trying to maintain your attention profile across services as well.

I'd like to see MeeVee and others support APML in order to give users control of their own attention profile.

What do you think?

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