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Attention is Meme Sex

Added on by Chris Saad.
I just came across a facinating post by 'Stan'. He compares Attention to 'Meme Sex'. At first I thought that was a crazy idea, but then when I read further, it all made perfect sense!

He states that:

Biological sex is the penultimate act by which a gene may hope to achieve replication in another body. The genes of the mother and father combine somewhat randomly creating a unique set of genes for the child. This is basic biology.

Right - with you so far... But then he asks...

But how exactly to memes replicate? "Imitation" is often suggested, as in the Wikipedia article. But imitation presupposes something more fundamental: attention. You can't imitate what you haven't paid attention to. Attention is meme sex.

The best part, however, is when he goes on to compare advertising to a kind of sexual assault of our attention.

Read the full article - Attention is Meme Sex. Great metaphor!

I'm suddenly feeling a little randy.