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Web 2.0 and Media 2.0 destroying communities?

Added on by Chris Saad.
In a recent discussion on a show called 'Difference of Opinion' on ABC TV here in Australia, a panel and studio audience discussed the impact of Web 2.0 and Media 2.0 on community and 'Gen Y'.

While it was nice to see traditional media engaging the issue, most had very little idea what was really happening out here on the edge.

After the show, Chris Saad, Cody Robb and Nick Hodge joined a call to discuss the implications. The result was this recording.

Questions discussed include:
  • Do online communities have the same value as offline communities?
  • Do parents have a responsibility to control their kids on social networks?
  • What role do teachers and schools play in education about ethics and morals?
  • Are internet online problems just magnified manifestations of offline problems?
  • Online identity vs. Offline identity?
  • Chris' Twitter Habbits?
  • What is Windows Messenger called this week?
  • Privacy on the network
  • Transition of old media and baby boomers into Media 2.0
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Tim Brunero - Ex Big Brother housemate and new media junkie