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My Media Consumption Diet

Added on by Chris Saad.
Jeremiah has started this meme - I follow in his footsteps!

Here is my Media Consumption Diet (most used at top, least used at bottom).

Web: I get most of my web content via RSS. I read my favorite authors and track my information junkie world via FeedDemon because I am one of those people who has to read every single item.

I also (of course) run Touchstone so that I can get an ongoing view of my news while I work. Touchstone also, by virtue of it's "Automatically Find Information For Me" feature regularly finds information first before any of my trusted authors repeat it in the echo-chamber.

Any other web-browsing happens from recommended links from friends. I occasionally check Techmeme for 'what's popular right now'.

I subscribe to 176 Sources directly + The rest of the entire feed universe via Touchstone.

I also get a lot of mainstream news from Newsmap - I have it as an Active Desktop Component on my second minitor - it is amazing.

TV: I am as big a TV junkie as I am a Web/RSS Junkie. I watch too many shows every week (including Daily Show, Colbert Report, Lost, Battlestar Gallactica, Boston Legal and others). I get most of my shows online. The only TV I watch that comes from my cable or over the air is CNN (for real news and weather!!), Fox News for excitement and propaganda and BBC for a more international perspective. I avoid Australian news because it is rarely interesting or significant.

I watch my downloaded TV via Windows Media Center on a TV.

Movies: I used to watch a lot more movies than I do now. With all my TV consumption I have found that my attention span has been reduced to 41 minutes (the time it takes to watch a typical TV show without the ads). I find it mildy disturbing that I get so restless at the 41 minute mark. I often think to myself "A TV episode would be over by now and probably told a more compelling story".

That being said though, I have a long and growing list of landmark movies in my life that I try to convince everyone I meet to watch. I love movies. I get most of my movies from the theatre - some on DVD to play catchup or for what I call "DVD Movies" - movies not worth the cinema experience.

Update Here: Jeremiah asked me to clarify if my TV/Movies were watched 'On Demand' (or as some might call 'Time Shifted'). The answer is 99% yes. I rarely wait for the networks to tell me what to watch and when. In fact, living in Australia - if I did that, I'd never see anything because they would pick up the show 2 seasons late and cancel it after 5 episodes.

Communication: I access my email from either my PC, Tablet or Laptop. I am addicted to my email. I used to route my Gmail through Outlook, but my Outlook 2007 Beta expired and I have been too lazy to re-install it. The result has been amazing. Gmail + Online Office style apps have kept me going for a month now! When I am out I check my Gmail via my i-Mate JasJam Pda/Phone over Telstra Next-G.

I also sit on Skype and MSN/AIM all day (via Trillian). 99% of my communication is done via Skype chats or calls (even to land-lines from skype in and out).

Twitter is a bit of fun also. I started a MySpace account to see how it worked and now people keep adding me as friends. I don't like using it though (maybe that's understating it a little).

Music: I listen to my MP3s mainly. Sometimes when I remember I go to I love music but lately I have not put much emphasis on it.

Magazines: I used to read Time and a few others. But they are always 2 months behind on news. Like Jeremiah I think it's helpful to know when stuff has hit the mainstream but... latley I don't care.

Yes... I am an information addict.

What’s your Media Consumption Diet?
I tag Marjolein, John Tropea, Marshall Kirkpatrick, Chris Messina, Marty Wells and also my contacts at the Media 2.0 workgroup to share how they get their information. Or if you don’t have a blog, leave a comment to your media consumption diet.

Tag, You're It - 5 things you didn't know about me

Added on by Chris Saad.

I've been tagged by Jeff Pulver's Tag game! I have a feeling this is some sort of sick game that Jeff is playing on us and we are all his pawns.

That's ok with me I guess, I'm a fan of his work! Thanks for including me Daniela.

Ok here it goes...

  1. I am truly a TV/Media Junkie/Addict. I watch about 20 different TV shows on a regular basis. It is my vice. From the The Family Guy to Battlestar Gallactica. My favorite show of all time is The West Wing.
  2. I used to be a radio presenter and could have easily ended up doing it full time. It turned out the technology was more interesting to me than the presenting part. The show was actually about IT though, so I was never far from home. Podcasting has been calling me for a while now - but I'm still holding out.
  3. I don't have any pets (I think I am too selfish to keep something else alive right now) but I do have a younger brother who is a whole decade younger than me if that counts. No siblings in between; big gap!
  4. I was on local TV at age 10 espousing the value of the Internet as an important emerging phenomena (I didn't use quite those words back then). How wrong I was hah.
  5. I have never worked for someone else (in the strictest sense). I have always been in a contractor, owner, director or CEO. I like to feel like I have ownership over the direction of stuff I'm involved with.

Leave some comments to tell me stuff about you guys - time to delurk! You know you want to.

Passing it on... Tag to:

Ben Metcalfe
Cameron Reilly
Martin Wells
Marjolein Hoekstra
Mark Jones

Update: Shout out to Marianne and John for also tagging me.