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Conversation requires a reply

Added on by Chris Saad.
Remember when we were all so impressed by the campaigns who had websites and used words like 'conversation' and used familiar tools like YouTube and Twitter?

Well a conversation requires two way communication guys. I emailed the Barack Obama campaign about something and I have received no reply. Not only that - I started getting spammed email from their mailing list. I never asked to be subscribed to their mailing list?

I have heard the same happen to others.

Is this a conversation or yet another cynical way to appeal to a constituency without really trying?

A conversation requires two parties - one listens, one replies, then they swap.

Are you guys paying attention?

Track the '08 US Presidential Campaign with Particls

Added on by Chris Saad.
Note: All these versions of Particls just install over each other. You don't lose your current settings - they just add more subscriptions and watch words to your profile as you go!

'08 US Presidential Race
I have created a 08' Presidential Campaign edition of Particls because I am personally addicted to US politics. It even has its own cool skin.

Check it out here.

Social Media Analysis
Also I made one based on Nathan Gilliatt's OPML file of Social Media Analysts (even though he didn't include theMedia 2.0 Workgroup in his list!).

You can get it here.

Media 2.0 Workgroup
Incidentally, the Media 2.0 Workgroup has it's own version of Particls. It also has a cool skin. Get it here.

Got your own?
Let me know if you create your own Particls 'Topic Radar' using inTouch and I will post them here.

Follow up: 08 Conversations continued...

Added on by Chris Saad.
Marian Richmond has made a fantastic post on the subject of the 08 Campaign Conversation on the new blog (a must read for political junkies and social media observers).

In the post 'Conversation according to Hillary and Barack' she quotes a number of bloggers (including me) questioning the authenticity of the call for conversation citing a number of (false) actions that are speaking louder than the words.

Here's a quote:
"They are not talking to us in the sense that the words that come out of their mouths are written and produced by third parties. They the candidates are not we the people as it relates to social media conversation… which means that the we, those having the conversations on blogs and other social media, are people talking directly to other people. Personal pronouns, we, they, us, are stand -ins for people."

Read the full post here.