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Announcing second intake of participants for the APML Workgroup

Added on by Chris Saad.

Today we are announcing a second intake of participants in the APML Workgroup. APML stands for Attention Profiling Markup Language.

From the website:

APML will allow users to export and use their own personal Attention Profile in much the same way that OPML allows them to export their reading lists from Feed Readers. The idea is to boil down all forms of Attention Data - including Browser History, OPML, Attention.XML, Email etc - to a portable file format containing a description of ranked user interests.

The new participants are:

They join the existing group:

The APML Workgroup is tasked with converting the current specification into an agreed standard.

It has already started its work with a revised spec. More information can be found on the APML website at

We invite all the players in or around the Attention Economy to join us in refining, implementing and evangelizing APML. To join the Workgroup please contact us with your qualifications.
Members of the general public are invited to join the mailing list (via the website) forums or blog to provide feedback.

More about APML
In a world where our online footprints (Attention Data) are measured, dissected, analyzed and used to better target us with content and advertising, APML represents a way for users to take back control of their own Attention Profile.

In order for the study of 'Attention' to evolve into the Attention Economy we must have a way to export, own, trade and assign value to our own Attention Profiles. APML promises to become an important part of the solution and we believe this announcement is a significant milestone in it's development.

Attention Profiles will become our digital fingerprints and will eventually have implications for all aspects of our lives including Media, Business and Lifestyle.

Stay tuned...

Media 2.0 Workgroup Launch - Continued

Added on by Chris Saad.
Wow... a lot of people are talking about the workgroup announcement at the moment which is great.

Here's a summary of the posts and reactions for you.

Christopher Kenton - Marketing Rev
"Currently, the working group’s web site provides an aggregated feed of articles and postings from more than a dozen industry voices–a list that is apparently growing rapidly after the buzz from it’s launch today. Given the growing excitement around social media and it’s impact on marketing, this promises to be important listening post for emerging ideas and trends.
Paul Montgomery - TinFinger (my personal favorite)
"Today marks the launch of the Media 2.0 Workgroup, following in the prestigious footsteps of such towering, industry-changing, juggernaut organisations as the Web 2.0 Workgroup. The members of such elite inner circles as as gods to us puny mortals, and through their shared workgroup activities they wield such fearsome collective power that entire countries are laid waste in their paths."
Paul your wit never ceases to amuse ;)

Marshall Kirkpatrick
"Looking for some insightful new voices to read in the blogosphere? Check out the just launched Media 2.0 Workgroup - a very cool aggregation of some smart, engaged bloggers."
Jeneane Sessum - Allied
"So in my new role, I promise you, dear readers and friends and detractors, that I will try to use my power for good, not evil, and that means I will construct my meanderings using the broadest interpretation of what Media 2.0 means. Or doesn't mean.

We came here to tell stories, didn't we? Yes we did! Once upon a time, we were the wedia media pedia, weren't we? Yes, we were! And with the web 2.o pony beaten just shy of the glue factory, I'm looking for new rides, higher slides, longer strides. So let's find some together! Are you with me?"
Stowe Boyd
"I don't agree with Chris that the Web 2.0 meme is "a little worn out", but I do agree with the importance of media 2.0 as an area of inquiry."
It's ok Stowe - you can disagree with me - as long as you concede I was right in the first place :)

Frantic Industries
"As far as the name and the concept go, I must admit that I’ve personally never thought of the Web 2.0 phenomenon outside the boundaries of the Web. [..] Looking at it this way, it’s probably a subset, and not a superset of Web 2.0; however, it’s still an interesting topic to discuss. Social content, social news, and citizen journalism - all themes that are very frequently covered on this blog - are tied both to the traditional media and to the web, so I guess that pushing “Media 2.0″ as a concept does make sense."
I would argue that the Web is only one form/medium of Media. There are others that are far older and more entrenched in our way of lives and others still that are still emerging and evolving. So the goal of Media 2.0 is to broaden the Web 2.0 conversation and put it into context.

Strange Attractor - Suw Charman
"[...] when you think about it. We've already had New Media, but it's clear that New Media isn't keeping up with the incredibly rapid development of the web and Web 2.0. New Media is antiquated, obsolete. Any business that pats itself on the back because they have some sort Head of New Media needs a kick up the butt and a lesson in Media 2.0."
On a personal note
I am a little overwhelmed by the fact that it seems that everyone blogged about the launch credited me as the single handed mastermind. I can honestly say I did not expect, nor do I deserve credit for it all. We are honored to be keeping such prestigious company.

I'd like to publicly thank everyone for getting involved - especially those who really helped get out the word and invite people into the group from the very beginning when it was just a crazy nugget of an idea.

Daniela Barbosa
Ben Metcalfe
Marianne Richmond

Thanks Guys and Gals (got it right this time Daniela).

The end of arrogance?

Added on by Chris Saad.
Tara, Chris and Ben from CitizenAgency are three of my favorite people in the bay area. During our visit they embodied the positive, insightful and supportive attitude we found there. From offering their office space to connecting us to their friends who could help, they were true champions of community spirit.

Tara recently posted her 2007 Predictions and as usual, they were less about Technology and more about community spirit.

Click through to read the list, but my personal favorite is this:

Those with little humility will have to eat it
What is with the lack of self-reflection in this world? I’m not only talking about the tech world. It happens everywhere. We are not gods, people. We are human. And we screw up. And we don’t know everything. Let’s stop trying to be the tough guy and protecting our sand castles and just work together towards a better world. We all have ego, but it’s knowing how to let it go that makes us great. (Oh…the prediction part of this is that, like Keith Teare’s fabulous De-Portalisation post, we’ll have our niche audiences and mutual respect communities forming while the braggarts/big dogs continue to fight one another to the death…Keith didn’t say it, but I see the parallel. I like living in the foothills).

I have long held a strong personal distaste of arrogance, ignorance and apathy. Listening to someone - especially someone who has passion - not only takes very little time, but could also help you succeed at your own endeavors.

Oh and of course there is the prediction that reinforces our own world view here at Touchstone...

This will be the year of connected desktop apps
Not that web apps won’t continue to be produced like mad…I mean…really…they are so simple to produce, aren’t they? But those beasts of apps (one reader once said, “Code in C++? F&#* that!”) on your desktop will start not only being ‘connected’ to the web, but interacting with it, too.