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Diamond in the Ruff

Added on by Chris Saad.
Ash and I were just talking about how certain songs from 20 to 30 years ago had so much passion and heart and how more recent stuff is mainly so bland and soulless - how these days it was hard to find the diamond in the ruff.

I casually commented back - maybe that's because time has been a filter. The songs that have survived those 20 to 30 years and made it to our time have outshined and outlived any of their mediocre peers.

Perhaps as the sunscreen song suggests, times were not better back then, we just have the advantage of hindsight and time has filtered the noise.

It could be said that the definition of a 'Classic' is something that receives a sustained level of Attention over (relatively) long periods of time [Ashley: Does this mean 11d old items are 'Classics'?].

And perhaps time is the best noise filter of all.

Maybe we can build a time machine into Particls.