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About me

I’m a product & startup builder, serial entrepreneur, former Head of Product @ Uber Developer Platform, co-founder of the DataPortability Project and podcaster. I’m an Aussie living in both San Francisco & Brisbane. I’m passionate about supercharging companies around the world and I’m curious about everything.

Specialist areas

In my career I have been a leader in a number of specific fields. I can provide special insights and historical context in these areas. They are...

  • Startups
    I have started, built and run a series of great startups. Most as CEO, all as co-founder. See Linkedin for more details.

  • Product Management and Design
    Designing Minimum Viable Products (MVP), UI/UX Design, Baking in social dynamics etc.

  • Developer Platforms
    APIs, SDKs, Developer Advocacy and Marketing, Building Ecosystems and more. Built a platform from 0 to 85 Billion API calls a month (Echo). Ran Product for the Uber Developer Platform.

  • On Demand/Sharing Economy
    Building two sided marketplaces, managing reputation and trust, marketplace management etc

  • Personalization and the Attention Economy
    Profiling, filtering and matching content/inventory based on a user's behaviors and implicit and explicit interests. Developing UI/UX to involve users in the process and communicate the reasons they see what they see.

  • Future of Media
    I’ve worked with all major media including ABC, Reuters, CNN, AMC, WWE, TechCrunch etc to help them design and build next generation media experiences and monetization models.

  • Enterprise BD, Sales, Strategy & Support
    Building, selling and supporting products into large brands and media companies. I worked with central product and IT groups at CNN, Univision, NASDQ, Disney, UMG, NBCU, Coke, Fanta, AT&T and more.

  • Data Portability
    Inventing, developing and participating in open standards for interoperability between independent services and tools. Implementing user and privacy centric approaches to data retention and sharing. I coined the phrase. Invented Backplane & APML. Particularly important now due to GDPR.

  • Unbundling
    The breaking down of companies, apps and services into more discrete component parts for hyper personalization and disruption at runtime.

  • Silicon Valley
    Fundraising, key players, politics, relationships, logistical and cultural insights, etc).

  • Social Media Strategy
    Techniques for participating in, influencing and leveraging social media to grow new markets, influence thought leaders and drive industry conversations.

Some of the companies I’ve worked for, or very closely with

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Let’s work together

I have some time set aside to work with a limited set of companies on a 1:1 basis. I help them build teams, products, platforms and brands by...

  • Assisting with crafting mission & vision

  • Providing Silicon Valley insights & connections (including influencers & VCs)

  • Interviewing & closing new hires

  • Reviewing day-to-day execution to ensure consistency with long-term vision

  • Reviewing products - particularly as it relates to look+feel+polish, core UX metaphors, social + viral mechanics, retention, monetization, APIs and open standards, and future product plans (roadmap, PRDs etc)

  • Reviewing go-to-market strategy - particularly as it relates to brand, personas, value prop, and future marketing plans (blog posts, marketing collateral etc)

  • Elevating day-to-day team thinking to encourage bigger, bolder, smarter bets

  • Helping them fast-forward to the future

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