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Why does CNN not get it?

Added on by Chris Saad.

Why is this poll on's home page?
  1. I don't have a pet
  2. I don't want to own a pet
  3. There are plenty of other more important things for CNN to cover than pets
  4. Argg!

Come on people... please. How hard is it to learn my interests and serve up relevant content (I don't even dare asking for APML support). Even without tracking user interests, I can almost guarantee you that people visiting do not care about Dog food. Not on the front page!

An even broader question - do they not watch Jon Stewart? Do they not get it? The world is begging for real questions and real answers to real problems. How hard is it to stick to real news in this day and age. Surely they can leave Pet food to the Lifestyle channel?

Why do they waste our time with O.J Simpson? Ratings? Imagine the ratings they would get if they actually picked a fight with Washington - if they actually spelled out the truth of things for everyone to hear and see.

This is why Media 2.0 will win. We can use tools to find the real content and skip the garbage.

Showing pets love... buh.

OT: What is with CNN and Weather?

Added on by Chris Saad.
Sorry this is a little off topic - but what is with CNN International and their Weather coverage?

Every time I turn on CNN I see someone talking about the weather. Switch over to FOX News and they are talking about an exciting (albeit pointless) murder suspect or rape case.

If CNN want to get my Attention and improve their ratings they should probably focus on real news stories rather than cutting to the weather every 5 minutes.

There is a whole channel dedicated to that topic - it's called... the weather channel.