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Extending the conversation - From Fishbowl to Mainstream

Added on by Chris Saad.
Chris Brogan has a great post about reaching beyond our fishbowl to the mainstream. He writes:
I’m still convinced that we’re in a complete and utter fishbowl.

This might not be bad.

I think the trick is this: we’re VERY much where the old web world was, when people were logging on, creating Geocities accounts, and trying to learn how to change the background from olive to yellow. I think blogging is getting much closer to mainstream, especially as almost all the mainstream media outlets have succumbed and built their own blogs. This, by extension, gives us even more of a chance to make a difference and build our own blogs into something of quality.

Two of his points are 'Gather' and 'Outreach'. This is effectively what we are doing with the Media 2.0 Workgroup. If you are part of a Media 2.0 entity trying to reach out or a mainstream entity trying to reach in - let us know.

Another important aspect, of course, is to build products and message your marketing for audiences that don't know what RSS and Tagging is - much less appreciate the aesthetic qualities of rounded corners and gradients.

By the time the people in the center get to the edge, however, we will all be onto the next frontier. But that's ok of course.

Will Widgets and RSS hit the mainstream?

Added on by Chris Saad.
Scott Karp of Publishing 2.0 asks yet another interesting question on his blog.

"Will Widgets hit a Mainstream Wall just like RSS?"

From his post:

"But I was struck by how widgets, like RSS, are really more of a boon for online publishers than for average folks. Widgets, like RSS, are great for syndicating information, or in the case of widgets, also application functions. But for average users, they are only useful for aggregating on a start page, and really, how often do most people change their start pages?"

Widgets and Gadgets are names used interchangeably for stuff that you can put on your blog/myspace account and stuff you can put on your desktop.

In regard to the Desktop widgets, here's what I think of widgets.

In regard to RSS, our newly updated website sheds some light.

In the 'Got a Mom?" section, it says:

"[To hit the mainstream] RSS has to become brain dead simple to use." - Fred Wilson

Do your parents know how to find and subscribe to RSS feeds? Should they? Do they know how to read HTML? Of course not; they "browse the web". RSS needs to be that simple.

Touchstone makes RSS dead simple by taking the subscribing out of the equation. Get your mum to quickly and easily type in her interests into a little textbox and Touchstone does the rest.

Like Scott goes on to say in his post:

"Now, none of this means that widgets, like RSS, won’t revolutionize the world of web publishing (although I’m skeptical of Tariq Krim prediction that widgets will kill web pages) — it’s just that it will be transparent to the average web user."

He's exactly right.

Widgets, like RSS, are usually technical and always overwhelming in an information consumption sense. They are great for myspace bling, but to actually get productive information you need something far more intelligent.